Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

This fun Easter Egg wreath was so much fun to make with my daughter.  She LOVED hot gluing all the eggs.   I even let go of my OCDness for a minute and didn't care so much where each egg went. 

I have had all of the supplies for this wreath for a couple of weeks but finally had time to sit down and help my daughter make it.

Find a piece of cardboard that is flat and then find something that is round (or whatever shape you are wanting) and trace out the shape.
(keep in mind my daughter was taking the pictures :)
Here is our cardboard circle all cut out
Now take your hot glue gun and glue the eggs randomly onto the wreath.  I used 2 packages of 42 eggs to make our wreath.  The wreath measures about 16 inches wide.
Here is our wreath all glued together
Then we tied a nice little bow with grosgrain ribbon onto the wreath.

Beautiful Eh?
Thanks for looking!

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